About us

Our diverse, multidisciplinary team brings together dedicated clinicians, experienced industry leaders, and published academic experts. Together, we share proven expertise in engineering, medicine and manufacturing that creates innovative solutions for caregivers and patients.

Our story

A collaboration between clinicians and visionary technologists reimagined the management of cardiovascular diseases. University research and early collaborations established the requirements for our data systems and the patented technologies that form the foundation of our wearable devices and analysis algorithms. Today we are commercialising our innovations, soon we will have unique and proprietary clinical data sets. This will enable Precision and its partners to revolutionise the management of cardiovascular diseases.

Our leadership team

Portrait of Mohamed Abou-Alam
Mohamed Abou-Alam Executive Director, CEO International venture fund partner, health and sustainability
Portrait of Dr David Hampton
Dr David Hampton COO 30 years commercialisation; Medtronic and 3 successful start-ups
Portrait of Prof. Sir Magdi Yacoub
Prof. Sir Magdi Yacoub Clinical Director Pioneering heart transplant surgeon and innovator
Portrait of Prof. Chris McLeod
Prof. Chris McLeod Scientific Director Imperial College London Professor and specialist in implantable biomedical monitoring
Portrait of Dr. Reza Bahmanyar
Dr. Reza Bahmanyar Research Director Micro-miniature sensor and SAW technology inventor at Imperial College London

Development timeline

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