Revolutionising cardiovascular disease treatment

Innovative solutions for the remote management of chronic cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death globally

Setting new standards for cardiovascular disease management

Precision’s data platform, backed by unique measures and powerful AI, enhances digital health systems to enable remote management of cardiovascular diseases. This improves prognosis, avoids unnecessary clinic visits and limits hospital readmissions.

  • Seamless clinical workflow

    Data visualisation, process automation, and prioritised messaging render patient readings into convenient digestible content allowing for triage, review and action without burdening clinicians

  • Confidence in diagnosis

    The wealth of accurate information and automated analysis enables confident management based on insights into the disease state that no other technology can deliver

  • Early prediction of cardiac events

    Monitoring a patient’s heart health provides the necessary insights into the nature and progression of the disease for early prediction of cardiac events

  • Supporting patient review

    Our powerful analysis drives our management dashboard and individual visualisations, highlighting significant features in readings, aiding accurate and efficient management of patients

  • Titration of therapy

    Insights from our algorithms support clinicians in the diagnosis of comorbidities and better inform the titration of therapy

  • Promote patient adherence

    Our data platform supports patients in following their clinician guided treatment

Bettering patient lives with remote self-monitoring

Our heart management system enables patients to be better informed and to take greater control of their chronic condition

  • Improved quality of life

    The prediction of impending cardiac events and consequent early intervention slows progression of disease and improves patient prognosis

  • Personalised care

    Individual patient measurements and automated analysis means care teams can optimise therapy for each patient

  • Reduced clinical visits

    Routine monitoring at home enables the remote tracking of heart health so patients only need to attend clinics when necessary

  • Remote clinical support

    Patients gain peace of mind since their care team can monitor their condition and inform them of any changes required in their care plan

  • Patient support

    Our system supports patients in the self-management of their condition with informative feedback based on clinician guidance

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